Legal Information

The Titanic Complete Score Petition is not affiliated with Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox, Sony Music Entertainment, or any other official parties. The petition is a non-profit, fan-based effort to raise awareness of James Horner's contribution to the film and encourage a full release of the soundtrack. We are an independent fan collective, and all views expressed on this page – or any affiliated social media – do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the copyright holders.

Titanic is such a part of popular culture that it is nearly impossible to represent the film without using media from the film itself. This includes promotional images, artwork and marketing materials, images from the set, videos, music clips, etc. All media is either:

  1. noted with the appropriate copyright tag, where available;
  2. is used under the Fair Use Clause as outlined in Title 17 of the United States Code, Section 107, under the provisions that:
    1. Any material used is done so with specific intention to raise awareness of James Horner's involvement in the film, as well as increase public recognition and awareness of the film and its soundtrack
    2. The Titanic Complete Score Petition is not seeking a profit from any materials (in fact, the opposite, we want all copyright holders [and fans!] to benefit from demand from the score), and we use the work only to illustrate our cause and the film itself
    3. Material used is of a sufficient resolution and duration so as not to impact the entirety of the work (i.e. we want to illustrate our point while still respecting the copyright of Titanic as a whole, and any work used is not substantive enough to replace the film or soundtrack on its own)
    , or
  3. has been thoroughly and independently researched and identified to not be registered with the United States Copyright Office or any other third-party organization

While we have made every effort to acknowledge the copyrighted nature of the film, if a copyright owner has any issues with material presented on the site, they may contact us directly to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

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